Norma 260 Remington Brass

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Norma 260 Remington Brass - Brand New


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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Norma .260 Remington Brass is designed to offer unmatched consistency and durability. Whether you're a competitive shooter aiming for the top spot or a hunter in pursuit of the perfect shot, this brass provides the foundation for rounds that perform when it matters most.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Consistency: Each case is produced to exacting dimensions, ensuring uniform case volume, wall thickness, and internal capacity. This meticulous production process results in remarkably consistent velocities and pressures, shot after shot.
  • Exceptional Durability: Made from high-quality materials, Norma .260 Remington Brass withstands multiple reloadings, offering shooters exceptional value and longevity. Its resilience under pressure makes it the ideal choice for rigorous shooting disciplines.
  • Optimized for Accuracy: The .260 Remington caliber, a favorite among long-range shooters and hunters alike, offers a flat trajectory and excellent ballistics. Norma's brass enhances these inherent qualities, providing a stable and reliable platform for precision loads.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Drawing on decades of experience, Norma's commitment to quality is evident in every piece of brass. From the primer pocket to the case neck, every element is crafted for flawless performance, ensuring that your handloads meet the highest standards.

Whether you're crafting custom loads for competitive shooting or precision hunting, Norma .260 Remington Brass is the foundation upon which you can build with confidence. Accept no substitutes when accuracy and performance are on the line.

Elevate your shooting experience with Norma .260 Remington Brass – because every shot counts.


  • Neck – Annealed to achieve proper elasticity and prevent splitting, NORMA cases are then put through a final polish process to ensure superior appearance in addition to superior performance
  • Shoulder – NORMA applies over a century of experience and proprietary tooling to ensure dimensionally perfect headspace
  • Body – Laboratory Inspection ensures proper hardness over the length of the case; softer at the neck, getting progressively harder towards the case head.
  • Tolerances – In-house tooling production allows NORMA to not only control tolerances of the finished product, but of the production tools and machines themselves. With tooling tolerances down to 7 thousands of a millimeter, NORMA is proud to have the tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Flash Hole – Three quality control inspections for the flash hole ensure a perfect centered and burr free product. Benchrest quality in every case!
  • Primer Pocket – Proper hardness of the primer pocket is critical to long case life. At NORMA, each production run is tested to a minimum of ten reloading cycles


260 Rem