Inceptor 45 ACP (.452) 118gr ARX Bullets

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.452 ARX 118 GR Projectile (45 Auto)

500 ct

The ARX is revolutionary from the way it’s manufactured, to its shape, to the way it transfers energy to the target. ARX projectiles are injection-molded from a specially blended polymer-copper matrix that is designed to be tough enough for an all-purpose defense round.

Unlike hollow points which must expand to achieve their desired terminal effect, non-expanding ARX projectiles are designed and proven to provide consistent terminal performance. Upon entering soft tissue, the specially designed grooves in the nose harness soft tissue and constrict, pressurize and eject it at 1.5 to 2 times the directional speed of the bullet. This is the well-known Venturi Effect. As the bullet penetrates, it tumbles in a controlled, predictable fashion that delivers consistent terminal performance that equals or exceeds conventional hollow-point designs without over-penetrating. These rounds are frangible on hardened steel.

Inceptor ARX Preferred Defense rounds have an ARX nose profile and are designed to function in all weapons, including large-frame handguns, carbines and automatic weapons. Due to the lightweight ARX bullet, it has a low-recoil signature translating into less muzzle rise and quicker on-target follow-up shots in critical defense situations. The design and composition of the projectiles also mean less cleaning and wear-and-tear on your gun.

45 Cal


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    118gr inceptor 45acp

    Posted by K Spring on May 23rd 2024

    I use Winchester 231 for all of my pistol calibers and after a few different loads I found one that gives 1234fps avg and a very tight group out to 25yds. Very pleased.

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    Great Projectiles

    Posted by Bart L Schairer on Apr 30th 2024

    Living in NJ, the ARX are the perfect projectiles for my Kimber .45. Since NJ considers hollow points “evil”(1), these are the perfect solution. They aren’t hollow points, but terminal performance is equal or better, and being half the weight of the traditional 230 gr. lead round, they have a higher velocity with less recoil. I’ve acquired loaded ARX ammo years ago, but it’s too expensive to practice with, and until now I’ve been unable to find the ARX components at a good price. Inceptor had them available, but they weren’t cheap, and the retailers that listed them cheaper never had them in stock. Therefore, I was thrilled to find them not only available at Raven Rock Precision, but on sale. At ten cents a round, I bought 2,000 and not only got free shipping but I now have enough to load to my heart’s delight and practice enough to be proficient with my Kimber. I now can practice enough to be able to qualify for my NJ carry permit, something I’ve wanted for years, and thanks to the Supreme Court, can now get. (1) You can have them in your home or place of business, can transport them to either from where you bought them as long as you have the receipt with that day’s date on it, but you can never transport them anywhere else. Every time I drove to Maine to deer hunt I was in violation of the law carrying hollow points for my hunting revolver.