Inceptor 30 Cal 88gr Lead-free Frangible Short Range Rifle Bullets - (developed for 300 BLK)

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250 ct of Inceptor Short Range Rifle 30 Cal 88gr Lead-free frangible bullets for reloading (designed for 300 BLK)

(Manufacturer Load Data is 2nd Picture)

These are brand new bullets. Manufacturer information suggest that due to the polymer-copper compound used to make these projectiles, the user should expect variances in projectile length, weight, and diameter. We've seen that a lot of these projectiles are measuring roughly .310 (similiar to how lead cast bullets are larger than jacketed projectiles) and about 90gr. 

Tips for Reloading:

Inceptor® Ammunition uses injection molding to create projectiles that are an innovation in bullet design, composition and manufacturing. These projectiles are perfect for self-defense and training; intermediate barrier-blind and frangible on hardened steel. Since polymer-copper projectiles may have the tendency to fracture under stress, a proper loading procedure should be followed to prevent fracturing.


Adjusting the Bell/Flare/Expander Die:
The die should be set in a manner that the case mouth is belled/flared just enough to allow the bullet to lead in correctly.
Seating the Bullet:
Inceptor projectiles are compatible with standard seating dies. If bullet shaving is occurring, more bell/flare is needed. Always use suggested Cartridge Overall Length when loading.

Inceptor polymer-copper projectiles weigh approximately 70% as much as lead core projectiles with similar profiles. This lighter weight means higher velocities, resulting in less bullet drop, less recoil and less muzzle rise, allowing for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots and a very enjoyable shooting experience. Terminal performance, particularly with the patented ARX® projectile, is improved due to higher velocity and design, which creates massive temporary cavities upon impact with soft tissue. This non-expanding projectile harnesses the gain in kinetic energy accrued due to the increased velocity of fluid through the constriction designed into the flutes contained in the ARX projectile. The advanced materials and design used in the manufacture of these projectiles also significantly reduces over penetration and the chance of ricochet, helping to moderate the risk of collateral damage during defense situations.

30 Cal