SwissP 300 BLK HV LF Styx Action 108gr Ammo (30 round box)

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108gr 300 Blackout High Velocity Lead Free Styx Action (Hyper Expanding Hollow Point) Ammo. 3

Available in:

-30 Round Box

-1 Sealed Ammo Can (35 Boxes of 30 rounds)

This lead free round was designed to accomplish excellent stopping power due to instantaneous energy deposition on soft targets (Styx Action). The projectile is a 108gr Solid Hollow Point (SHP) and the case utilizes a SINTOX low-polluting primer (less heavy metals and toxins).

 Muzzle Velocity: 2444 FPS

Made in Thun, Switzerland, this is high performance 300 Blackout ammo. Each box has 30 rounds. 


300 BLK