Brass Priming Service - Large Rifle Primer, Magnum (25 ct)

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We are suspending this service until we can catch up on high order volume - 1/26/2024

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Introducing our Brass Priming Service

As we approach this hunting season, many hand loaders are still having trouble finding Large Rifle Primer (Magnum). We are an FFL 07 and have access to primers reserved for manufacturing (we cannot sell these in bulk to our customers), but we can prime the brass you buy from us.

Please read below for more information:

1. We are not selling primers by themselves.

2. Primers are sold in quantities of 25. Your primer quantity cannot exceed the amount of brass you order but can be less.

3. Primer varient needs to match the brass (add both to your shopping cart)

4. All primed brass ships via UPS Ground (CONUS only)

5. We are keeping caliber options and quantities low to start out with to avoid any longer than norma shipping delays.

6. The current primer type is an RWS 5333

*Many manufacturers recommend full length sizing new brass. 

Example - 50 pieces of primed 375 H&H Mag brass

-Add (1) 50 ct box of Norma 375 H&H Mag brass to shopping cart

-Add (2) 25 ct of the priming service (this listing) - select the 375 H&H varient - and add to shopping cart




Large Rifle Primer Magnum