500/416 Nitro Express Brass (25 ct)

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This listing is for (25) 500/416 NE brass casings. This is not loaded ammo.

This Nosler headstamped brass was made by Norma.

The 500/416 Nitro Express is a modern rimmed double rifle calibre based on the 500 Nitro Express cartridge case necked down to .416″ calibre. It was developed by Kriegoff in the mid 1990's and is designed for hunting large and dangerous game animals in Africa and India. This cartridge pushes a 410-grain bullet at 2,325 fps, for just under 5,000 ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle.

The 500/416 Nitro Express has a 500 Nitro Express case with a nice, long neck for good bullet tension, a good taper for easy feeding under duress, and enough case capacity to provide excellent performance. Popular ammo choices include Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX, Woodleigh Weldcore, Nosler Dangerous Game Solid and Cutting Edge Bullets.


  • Neck – Annealed to achieve proper elasticity and prevent splitting, NORMA cases are then put through a final polish process to ensure superior appearance in addition to superior performance
  • Shoulder – NORMA applies over a century of experience and proprietary tooling to ensure dimensionally perfect headspace
  • Body – Laboratory Inspection ensures proper hardness over the length of the case; softer at the neck, getting progressively harder towards the case head.
  • Tolerances – In-house tooling production allows NORMA to not only control tolerances of the finished product, but of the production tools and machines themselves. With tooling tolerances down to 7 thousands of a millimeter, NORMA is proud to have the tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Flash Hole – Three quality control inspections for the flash hole ensure a perfect centered and burr free product. Benchrest quality in every case!
  • Primer Pocket – Proper hardness of the primer pocket is critical to long case life. At NORMA, each production run is tested to a minimum of ten reloading cycles


500/416 Nitro Express


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    .416 Rigby brass

    Posted by Jay vanconant on Oct 23rd 2023

    Great communication and shipping speed. Great price also

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    Nosler 500/416 NITRO EXPRESS BRASS

    Posted by Mark Alan Ouellette on Sep 30th 2023

    Hard to find 500/416 brass for Krieghoff double rifle. Nosler makes great brass! The best thing is that Raven Rocks carries hard to find brass for nearly all dangerous game rifles!