30-06 Springfield Brass (50 ct)

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50 pieces of new Starline 30-06 Springfield brass - bulk packaged

The venerable 30-06 was adopted in 1906 for the 1903 Springfield service rifle for the U.S. Military. Since then, this utilitarian round has been chambered in an abundance of rifles in every action type. The 30-06 has been touted as one of the most versatile cartridges of all time due to the wide variety of projectiles available, and when the proper bullet is selected, the 30-06 is large enough to take on any game in the Western Hemisphere and almost anything in the Eastern Hemisphere.

30-06 Springfield


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    Starline 30-06 Brass

    Posted by Ben on May 31st 2023

    Better than Hornady brass but not as good as Lapua. Not as expensive as Lapua either. I expect it to shoot well.