.50 Cal Swiss P Sniper HCSX P1 748gr (50 BMG) (10 Round Box)

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.50 Cal Swiss P Sniper HCSX P1 748gr

  • SX: Sintox lead free primer
  • HC (Hard Core bullet):  steel-cored bullet with brass semi-jacket and exposed tip

*This listing is for a single 10 round box of .50 Cal Swiss P Sniper HCSX P1 748gr, unless you buy the ammo can which has 10 boxes.

The SWISS P family of rifle cartridges has been developed especially for snipers, sharpshooters and marksmen engaged in precision shooting. All products from the SWISS P line are characterised by their exceptional accuracy, target effect and perfectly matched ballistics.

The cartridges from the SWISS P line are premium products and meet the highest demands. All SWISS P cartridges achieve the precision of < 1MoA (1 MoA = 1/60 of a degree or angular minute, corresponding to approx. 1 inch at 100 yards). Additionally, these cartridges offer an above average hit accuracy and first-class reliability. An excellent first-shot hit probability is thus guaranteed. The terminal ballistic and deployment-oriented target effects of the special application cartridges are outstandingly high in both soft and hard targets.

50 BMG
Bullet Type:
Armor Piercing


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    Posted by rich on Jun 16th 2023

    like new!! great stuff

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    Posted by Richard on Jun 5th 2023

    great ammo!!! great company! getting more when back in stock..